New Life Children's Home and Rescue Center in Haiti was established in 1977 as a home for abandoned, handicapped and orphaned children, many of which suffered from severe malnutrition and disease before coming to New Life. Every child here is a miracle of God's love. We also assist other orphanages and offer medical care in remote mountain villages as funds and supplies are available.

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God Did More Than We Could Ask Or Imagine
It has been an awesome week at New Life. Getting kids ready for school is a major task and we have so many kids! It is quite a job to prepare for their needs including uniforms, shoes, socks, underwear, books, book bags, notebooks, and supplies. From belts to hair accessories and toiletries, it's a big job to say the least. Can you imagine preparing 120 children for grade school, middle school and high school? We also continue to help children who grew out or aged out of our New Life home. I can see why most mothers on that first day say "whew" then don't know what to do with the quietness because it's so strange. The kids had a good summer and many went to summer camp and learned various skills. I wanted to finish off the summer with something that was weighing on my heart. It is so important to continue to build good childhood memories by doing some special things that they would always remember. With a very strained budget and trusting God to supply and meet all these extra needs, I knew that God could also help with things that are important to us. The light came on as Jean Rony and I brainstormed! What could we do that would be fun for the kids and be as inexpensive as possible? We decided on a fun girl’s night slumber party in the church with movies and snacks and then another night for the boys! We met with all the children and they picked the menu. They chose PIZZA, watermelon and popcorn Pizza? I didn’t exactly count on that in the budget! God, did you hear that? With all those excited faces, what would you say? "Lord could you sell one of the cows you own on a thousand hills?" We told the kids to bring a pillow and a sheet. We needed 15 pizzas. Ok Lord, throw in another cow in please! They were so excited! We also planned a special prayer service and BBQ on Sunday for the beginning of the school year. It was an awesome prayer service. The kids were so excited. I never should have asked the next questions... "What else would you like to do? Do you have any other ideas?" I meant like playing soccer, games, etc.? In one accord they screamed "THE BEACH". I tried to pretend I didn't hear but they knew that I did. We prayed and dismissed. Summer is over and it's almost time for school. The guesthouse is empty and bills and tuition need to be paid. We don't have a sponsor to go to the beach and it costs a lot for gas, food, drinks and admission even if we use our bus. I couldn't forget their excitement and the look on their faces. I grabbed a piece of paper to work out how to do this reasonably if we did go. We could possibly just have hot dogs. No, hot dogs never filled these kids up at the beach. That would only be an appetizer waiting for the chicken, rice and beans. Maybe they will forget about it after all the excitement of the slumber parties. We had a guest from Canada come in on Sunday. She was staying for three weeks to help with chores and assist with the special needs children who are always a special blessing here. On Monday, she told us that she just happened to bring some extra money and she wanted to know if there was something special that she could do for the kids! There were enough funds for the beach, gas, drinks, hot dogs, and for the chicken and rice! It was a day to remember filled with fun, food and boat rides. God is so good! We came home with a bus full of tired and happy kids. On the ride back I was thanking God and hoping that one day in the struggles of life, they will look back on a happy childhood and good memories and remember that God loves them and that He is a 'table in the wilderness' , giving them the desires of their hearts.
Hugs and Blessings from all of us at New Life!
Miriam, staff and kids

We are a 501c3 organization, established since 1977 with our orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti and our state side offices in Lake Worth, Florida.
New Life Childrens Home
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" Outside this orphanage there is suffering beyond our comprehension yet, Christ has built a peaceful place here at New Life, a cornerstone to orphans here in Haiti. "
- David Moore